Representatives organize in the field.

Representatives organize in the field.

Monthly Family Constellation Workshops in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Medicine for the Soul

To the degree that the flow of love and acceptance is interrupted in our families, is the degree to which we
and our family members struggle.

The Relational Constellation Process was developed by
Joanne Chartrand and Dr. Dyrian Benz, are two of the original Constellation Work facilitators and teachers in the US who trained in constellations work with its founder, Bert Hellinger, and others in the 1990's.  This process aims to uncover these disruptions and entanglements so that all family members can find their own sense of dignity, love, and belonging. Profound healing of personal emotional issues, family conflicts, and physical illnessesoften results from Relational Constellations. This is a good way to also connect with the sacredness of your Ancestors & disentangle from the legacy burdens of your lineage.

Family constellations are like living family trees. They reveal behaviors & dynamics that exist below our consciousness & motivate us throughout our lives. Success or failure in our relationships and work, the advent of illness or depression, and our sense of belonging in the world, often depends upon these hidden forces.  During the group process volunteers are asked to "represent" individuals or elements from a family or organizational system. While the “client” watches the representatives move, speak and react to other representatives (with the help of the facilitator). Representatives do not "act" the part. They are asked to allow what is present in “the field” to emerge. The constellation process not only benefits client and family, being a representative for someone else is an  amazing opportunity, along with a gift in & of itself. 

CEUs available for our Monthly Groups: LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, LEPs & RNs, Provided by the Family Therapy Institute. Learn more.

Issues frequently addressed with Relational Constellations include:

  • War

  • Incest

  • Trauma

  • Divorce

  • Illnesses

  • Adoptions

  • Heartbreak

  • Embodiment

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Family Secrets

  • Relational Issues

  • Loss of Life Force

  • Attachment Trauma

  • Victim Consciousness

  • Pre & Peri Natal Trauma

  • Ancestral Entanglements

  • Trans-Generational Issues

  • Perpetrator Consciousness

  • Miscarriages and Abortions

  • Negative relationship patterning

  • The exclusion of family members

  • Conflict between family members

  • Early death, Tragic deaths, Suicide

  • Survivors of war and their families

  • Physical or emotional health issues

  • Physical Illness, Cancer, Asthma etc..

  • Descendents of slavery, holocaust, etc..

  • Interpersonal or systemic family issues

  • Discovering purpose, flow, and meaning

  • Personal issues: depression, anxiety, etc.

  • Issues still active from previous generations

  • Emotional or Physical abandonment by parent

  • Deepening your relationship to the “field of being”

  • Give attention to Management & Organizational issues

  • Discovering new, deep levels of compassion for humanity.

  • Get in “touch” with bodily sensation & emotional clearings.

The Healing Power of Representing in Constellation Work (by Barry Krost)

The role of representative in Constellation work brings with it a multi dimensional healing experience truly too profound for words. However, in an attempt to emphasize this powerful opportunity, below are some benefits of attending as a participant and the role of representing:

* Cultivate Presence.
* Connect in a “deepened” way to group energy.
* Provide a gift for the person receiving personal work.
* Discover new, deep levels of compassion for humanity.
* Experiencing the pure magic of oneness.
* Deepen your relationship to the “field of being”
* Connect to inner stillness and peace.
* Open in a deep, profound, body centered way to your natural, primal intuitive gifts.
* Get in “touch” with bodily sensation, perceptive awarenesses and emotional clearings.
* Experience the opportunity to overcome rigid beliefs and truly being “moved” in loving, healing ways.
* Receive the opportunity to transmute stuck energies for yourself and others through Morphic field work.

Whatever is unconscious becomes your fate.
Carl Jung

Our ancestors pass on legacy blessings and legacy burdens.
Constellations help us to disentangle from these issues.

This work is an invitation to connect with Ancestors, Ancient Ones and Soul Companions.

I've been participating in these programs for many years and have seen my life enriched and aided in immeasurable ways.
— Christopher L.

Ways to Experience Relational Constellations

There are two ways to experience Relational Constellations. Either as a regular workshop participant, or as a member of the
ongoing Learning Program:

  • Regular Workshop Participants take part in constellations throughout the weekend and have an option for a personal constellation, if space is available. The fee is $400.00 per weekend. Everyone gets value out of the weekend, whether they do a constellation or not.

  • Learning Program Participants experience, study, practice and receive ongoing support from the holding environment that this group provides. This is an ongoing group for one's personal process & personal growth in a conscious & safe community. These participants commit to 6 months at a time. It is not a therapy group. Some participants also come to learn about facilitating constellations. There are ongoing themes for each weekend that help support the maturation of the soul. The fee is $400.00 per weekend.

If you simply have a one time issue you want addressed, it's recommended to sign up as a regular workshop participant.
If you are interested in deepening your own personal healing journey, or in learning how to facilitate constellations, consider joining the Learning Program.

The Learning Program is an ongoing, rotating program that participants can join in throughout the year.
We have been offering it for the past 15 years in Santa Barbara. It is ever evolving, depending on who is in the committed group. Currently, there is an ongoing  year long "Journey of the Heart" program and an ongoing year long 'Trauma & Constellations" program.

If you have any questions about which program to join, contact us.

Logistics and Registration

Santa Barbara, CA   .

Santa Barbara, CA.


Learning Program Times
Saturday from 9am to 6pm
Sunday from 9am to 3:30/4pm

Location for the weekend workshops & Learning Program:
Family Therapy Institute (FTI)
111 E. Arrellaga St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
There is parking in the rear available for free.

Workshop Times: May vary
Join us for One weekend or for the Ongoing Group,  at any point in the year, as we have a rotating schedule & new participants can join us at any time
Dates are generally the 1st or 2nd weekend of the month.
2018 Dates: Dec 8-9.
2019 Dates: Jan 5-6, Feb 2-3, Mar 2-3, Apr 6-7, May 4-5,
July 13-14, Aug 10-11, Sept 7-8, Oct 5-6, Nov 2-3, Dec 7-8

$400/weekend. $50.00 Cancellation fee.
The constellation process not only benefits client and family. Being a representative for someone else is an  amazing gift in & of itself. This service to others enhances our capacity to see the world differently.

To be guaranteed a place in a workshop, it's best to send your payment one month in advance, as workshops tend to fill quickly.
Introductory rates are sometimes available for first time participants, only upon request.

To register, browse the upcoming workshops (or below) and follow the instructions.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or call JoAnne Chartrand on 805-563-0558 or visit the FAQs page.

Our approach is influenced by the Systemic Constellation Concepts of Bert Hellinger,
Somatic PsychologySomatic Experiencing Trauma Work,
Diamond Heart Approach, and Internal Family Systems.