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Taking Right Action- True Will Versus False Will

  • Family Therapy Institute - Santa Barbara 111 E Arrellaga St Santa Barbara, CA, 93101 United States (map)

As we allow our minds to silence we allow in the possibility of presence. Ultimately power is the power to be and fully embody presence. When we are capable of experiencing that, presence acts on us and through us. The more we experience essence the more there is a transformation of our souls’ unfoldment. It allows the optimizing force of being to overtake us, we become the servant of it - spiritual work. We need to be comfortable with not knowing because we don’t know what will come through. 

We begin to feel the power of presence -the magnificence and immensity. We see its beauty, the magic of it, its incredible dazzling effect on us. 

This weekend can be attended as a one time workshop or as part of the 6-month Learning Program. The ongoing program is an experiential Personal Process that is done in a Community with a safe holding environment. 

The actual training consists of  24 weekends, done over a 2 year period. Participants are only required to commit to 6 months at a time and then they can decide to continue or not. All participants must fill out an application to see if they are a good fit for the training.

This training will be an experiential learning experience. Participants will learn to navigate and resolve their own personal and systemic trauma issues, along with acquiring skills to work with others who have trauma.  Focus will also be given to learning to work with the activation in the nervous system, self-regulation, cultivating presence and embodiment.

Participants will also learn about Constellation Work concepts, and for experienced constellation participants, there is a  possibility to go on the facilitator track in the second year. The training will have occasional drop-in workshop participants in it.

This month's theme: Pre & Peri Natal Issues & Birth Trauma. Divine Homesickness, Vanishing Twin Syndrome Renegotiating Early Trauma. Embodiment, Cultivating Presence & Bodyfulness.

We will begin and end the training with working with heart qualities, before we open the trauma dynamics. The ultimate goal of the training is to reconnect to our life force that has been usurped by traumatic interruptions in our life and open the heart again to love and belonging. For more information about this training, go to Trauma Training.

The following pages on this website will also inform you of the theoretical concepts included in the training: Learning Program, Relational Constellations, SE Trauma Work, Somatic Psychology, and Sacred SoulWork

To Register:

We suggest registering and paying in full, 1-month in advance to guarantee your seat and, especially, if you would like to undertake a personal Constellation. After 1-month, we can’t guarantee your seat or the option for a Constellation, as our workshops tend to fill quickly.

To register, download and print the application by clicking the button below. 

After completing, mail with a check (payable to JoAnne Chartrand) for full payment of the workshop, to:

JoAnne Chartrand
333 Old Mill Rd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

After your application is received, you will be sent a confirmation via email with further instructions.


The cost to attend this workshop is $400.

We are able to offer full refunds for cancellations made within three days of the workshop with a $50 cancellation fee. After, we are not able to offer refunds. Ensure you are committed before registering.

What You will Learn:

  • Cultivating Presence, Intra-Psychic Dynamics, Develop more Resiliency. Connecting with Ancestors, Tools to Heal Relationships, Accessing Resourcing Skills

  • Increase Basic Trust in Life, Resolve & Metabolize Trauma, Finding your place in the World

  • Recognize Psychological Splitting, Deepening Embodiment Practices, Understand The Impact of Trauma

  • Increase Your Window of Tolerance, Differentiate True & False Autonomy, Release Trans-Generational Trauma

  • Experiential & Collaborative Learning, Personal Development Process Work, Reconnect to Internal Family Systems

  • Develop a deeper Connection with Soul, Learn to access the Body as Home Base, Access Essential Qualities as Resources

  • Power Point Presentations On the Theory, Become part of a like-minded Community, Access the Power Of Being Fully Present

  • Practice Facilitation Skills, after 6 months, Self-Regulation & Co-Regulation Practices

Theory of Trauma & Bonding, we will address:

  • Love Trauma, Birth Trauma, Neuroscience

  • Intimacy Issues, Entanglement Trauma, Differentiation Dynamics

  • Pre & Peri Natal Trauma, Symbiosis and Autonomy, Victim Perpetrator Trauma

  • Family Conscience Trauma, Attachment Styles & Trauma, Divine Homesickness Trauma

  • Internal Family System Trauma, Merging & Separating Dynamics, Understanding Retraumatisation

  • Multi-Generational Trauma Theory, Heal Ruptures between Self & Soul, Interrupted Reaching Out Dynamics

  • Early Trauma, including Birth Trauma, Release Trauma from Nervous System, Effects of Dissociation & Disembodiment

We will  include constellation themes such as: Family Conscience, Orders of love, Fate, The Informing Field, and The Art of Facilitating etc.

Orientation For the Trauma Training
We will approach the themes from the perspective of the influences in our bonding patterns, from the ancestors, our ego, our relationships, the body and essence, soul and the divine.

  • Ancestors – We will look at systemic & trans-generational patterns we inherit from our families and entanglements with past events, which may have major influences on our current relationships.

  • Personality – We will explore our personal history, ego, developmental issues and personal traumas, that limit us in life.

  • Relational and Interpersonal – We will explore our ways of being in the world, along with our entanglements in relation to self and others, parents, partners and life relationships.

  • Somatic & Embodiment – We will include awareness of landing home in our bodies, self-regulation, nervous system activation, the body as the gateway to the informing field.

  • Transpersonal – We will deepen our connection to our essence, our soul, and to the sacred.


Family Therapy Institute
111 E. Arrellaga St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Park in rear of building.


For questions related to this workshop, email us or call 805-563-0558.