Dr. Dyrian Benz-Chartrand offers Consulting and Mentoring Sessions to individuals, groups and leads Constellation Work trainings.

Sessions and Practice

Dyrian draws on his experience of over 35 years of practicing and teaching therapy and consulting as well as being a student and a teacher of various contemplative, mindful, inner disciplines.

Since the early 1970’s Dr. Benz-Chartrand has intensely pursued two callings. One has been practicing and teaching therapy and consulting. Simultaneously he has been a practitioner and a teacher of various contemplative, mindful, transformational disciplines. His specialty is in Somatic Psychology, Relational Constellation, and the sacred dimension of Consciousness.

Mindfulness and Body-Oriented, Experiential Psychology

Dyrian is a Mindfulness and Somatic Psychology Educator and an author. He helped create the Somatic Psychology MA and PhD. Programs at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. He  created & directed the ongoing Certificate Program in Relational Somatic Psychology for 10 years at Esalen in Big Sur, in conjunction with the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute.

Dyrian is co-author of To the Core of Your Experience and a co-founder of the Hakomi Institute for experiential-cognitive-mindful therapy, where he taught and practiced for over 20 years.

Graduate Level Teaching of Psychology and Psychotherapy

He is the former Chairman of the Somatic Psychology Program at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and adjunct faculty member at Antioch University and Pacifica Graduate Institute. Dyrian was the originator and moderator of the S.B. City College Psychology Conferences for over 15 years.

GroupField and Team Consulting

He is the founder and trainer of GroupField, a systems based method for groups and teams, which began in 1990. The focus of GroupField Approach is on activating the potential of each individual and the entire group to develop maximal skill and mastery in order to move toward the group goal.

Influences From The Diamond Approach

He is a longtime Diamond Approach student. He has been a student of the Diamond Approach Psycho-spiritual work of the Rhidwan school, for well over 23 years. The focus of this approach is on meditation, inquiry, maturation of the soul and bringing the exploration of consciousness into practical, everyday relational  life.

Family & Relational Constellations

Since 1995 he has been a practitioner, teacher and trainer, of the Family Constellations approach as first developed by Bert Hellinger. Dyrian has been presenting the Constellation approach in workshops, trainings and in University Graduate Courses where he also teaches group process, therapeutic skills and family therapy.

Publications by Dyrian

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GroupField: A Practitioner’s Guide With An Experiential-Systemic Perspective For Teams and Process-Oriented Groups, 2009, by Dyrian Benz-Chartrand, PsyD.

Love Your Fate - A Collection Of Blessings, Prayers, Invocations, Quotes, and Poems, 2014, Edited and selected by Dyrian Benz-Chartrand, PsyD.

To the Core of Your Experience, 1989, Introductory book about Hakomi Experiential Psychology. (Out of print)

The Delight of Love And Belonging: Make Love Successful with Relational Constellations, 2013, by JoAnne and Dyrian Chartrand-Benz.

Love Trauma: Heal Your Love Wound and Free Your Heart with Relational Constellations by JoAnne and Dyrian Chartrand-Benz (forthcoming).