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5 Day retreat on The Healing Power of Relational Constellations: HollyHock Retreat center on Cortez Island, Canada - Explore Your Relationship to Love & Belonging:

  • Hollyhock Retreat Center on CORTEZ iSLAND Just North of Victoria , off of Vancouver Island Britich Columbia, Canada (map)

The Healing Power of Relational Constellations-
A 5 day Workshop on Cortez Island near Victoria, BC, Canada @ Hollyhock Retreat Center.

The Healing Wisdom of Relational Constellations

Love & Belonging: Nourish The Heart of Relationship & Inner Wisdom

On the path of life do you sometimes feel a disconnection from heart? 

Sometimes our hearts  slip into hiding. The heart often holds memories of ruptures and emotional wounds that go back several generations. This interrupts our reaching out movement, our capacity for true intimacy and heartfelt relationships. Uncover disruptions and entanglements so that all parts of the self & all members of our family can find their own strength, dignity, love and purpose. Reclaim your lost living heart. Reconnect to a more authentic part of your soul and to your deepest heart's desires.

Profound healing of emotional problems, conflicts and physical illnesses often result.

We will use a creative process that nurtures your heart, soul, and life force, called Relational Constellations.  We will access a part of the soul that provides us with insight and better solutions.

Constellations open the heart’s capacity for deeper relationships
When the soul is touched and love can flow more freely, then relationships can happen.
Explore ways to reconnect with your Humanness  & Your Heart

Family Constellation Learning Program
Healing Traumatized Hearts: 

Basics of Trauma & Bonding

Clearing Love Trauma Supports new connections: Connection to Ourselves, to our Body, to our own Heart & Soul, to our Family Soul,  to Embodied Presence, to our surroundings & to the Universe.
What You will Learn:

Cultivating Presence
Develop more Resiliency
Connecting with Ancestors
Tools to Heal Relationships
Accessing Resourcing Skills
Increase Basic Trust in Life
Finding your place in the World
Deepening Embodiment Practices
Understand The Impact of Trauma
Increase Your Window of Tolerance
Release Trans-Generational Trauma
Experiential & Collaborative Learning
Personal Development Process Work
Reconnect to Internal Family Systems
Develop a deeper Connection with Soul
Learn to access the Body as Home Base
Access Essential Qualities as Resources
Become part of a like-minded Community
Access the Power Of Being Fully Present
Self-Regulation & Co-Regulation Practices

Theory of Trauma & Bonding, we will address:

Love Trauma
Intimacy Issues
Victim Perpetrator Trauma
Family Conscience Trauma
Attachment Styles & Trauma
Internal Family System Trauma
Merging & Separating Dynamics
Understanding Retraumatisation
Multi-Generational Trauma Theory
Heal Ruptures between Self & Soul
Interrupted Reaching Out Dynamics
Early Trauma, including Birth Trauma
Release Trauma from Nervous System

We include constellation themes such as: Family Conscience, Orders of love, Fate, The Informing Field, and The Art of Facilitating etc.

Orientation For the Relational Constellation Approach:
We will approach the themes from the perspective of the influences in our bonding patterns, from the ancestors, from our ego, our relationships, the body, essence, soul and the divine.

• Ancestors – We will look at systemic & trans-generational patterns we inherit from our families and entanglements with past events, which may have major influences on our current relationships.
• Personality – We will explore our personal history, ego, developmental issues and personal traumas, that limit us in life.
• Relational and Interpersonal – We will explore our ways of being in the world, along with our entanglements in relation to self and others, parents, partners and life relationships.
• Somatic & Embodiment – We will include awareness of landing home in our bodies, self-regulation, nervous system activation, the body as the gateway to the informing field.
• Transpersonal – We will deepen our connection to our essence, our soul, and to the sacred.

Spaces are open for those wishing to undertake a personal constellation, observe, or join the ongoing monthly Learning Program. We ask all participants to be scent-free.


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