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Love & Belonging: Tapping into our True Value - Personal Process in Community

  • Family Therapy Institute - Santa Barbara, CA 111 E Arrellaga St Santa Barbara, CA, 93101 United States (map)

Explore the Interrupted Separating Movement To Support Healthy Individuation in Relationships:
Cultivating True Strength - To be strong without being defensive, hard or angry. 

Theme for our upcoming Weekend is: 

‘Ego strength’ has a sense of incapacity and weakness underneath it.

False strength is the strength of the ego or imitation strength.  Underlying that false strength is the fact of our separation.  There is a gap between false strength and true strength, our Essential Strength, which is an Aspect of our Essential Nature. Need to discriminate between the two. 

Strength is an energetic fullness, a full-bodied existence, fluid like lava or like blood, but it has heat to it, & expansiveness, courageous & bold.