Client Experiences

From Ricky...

When I first attended the Relational Constellation Workshop, I was in a painful place in my life.  I immediately fell in love with the process that Dyrian Benz and JoAnne Chartrand offer in the Relational Constellations Workshop.

Their background and knowledge in traditional and somatic psychology, trauma resolution and spirituality make them unparalleled in their field.  As teachers, they are very experienced and effective. They clearly explain the importance of each constellation movement of the soul from a clinical perspective as well as the “client’s” personal perspective.

They have an exquisite sense of timing when facilitating constellations and are able to modulate or regulate the pace so that representatives, “clients,” do not get overly activated or triggered in their nervous systems.  This is a special, invaluable combination
of expertise in constellation work that Dyrian and JoAnne offer with love, care and concern.  Expressive arts, such as music and dance are also included that make it just plain fun!

The Relational Constellation Workshops have seen me through some very tough experiences in my life over the past three and a half years of consistent attendance.  I have made wonderful, compassionate and supportive friends.  I offer my thanks and gratitude to Dyrian Benz and JoAnne Chartrand for their work and contribution that they are making to the world.

— Richelle (Ricky) Gaspar, M.A., LMFT, SEP

From Lucia...

Dyrian and JoAnne are master teachers and inspirational guides. Their deeply intuitive style informed by extensive training and experience shines through everything they do. They create a safe space for individuals and groups to engage in healing and awakening of the heart.

Experiencing Family and Structural Constellations was a huge contribution to my personal healing. Training with them for two years enhanced my own professional work far beyond my expectations. Everything they offer is deeply transformational and full of heart.

They work seamlessly as a team, whether facilitating or training other professionals. For those in search of healing and for practitioners seeking to work more creatively with wisdom from the Knowing Field, I cannot recommend them highly enough. I am forever grateful to have Dyrian and JoAnne in my life.

— Lucia Capacchione, PhD, A.T.R. Art Therapist Registered and author of The Art of Emotional Healing.

From Juliana...

JoAnne & Dyrian are always very observant, noticing all aspects of the field, all layers, dimensions and angles. The amount of presence they both bring into their workshops adds a lot of depth to the experience. They constantly guide and coach the group into cultivating presence as well as embodiment.

I feel extremely lucky to know and understand that there are different ways to work with the field and that I am, without any doubt, in great, safe hands with JoAnne and Dyrian. So my heart thanks them both in a huge way.

— Juliana, Family Constellations Facilitator @ Heal the Soul

From Karen

Working with JoAnna & Dyrian has been an experience beyond words. Their wisdom & teachings are profound. They create a sacred space where new understandings flow. Hearts open, grow & transform. What a blessing to know them & to have found them 

— Karen, Psychologist

From Robyn...

I have learned to step into the field with a new found sense of feeling ease with not knowing what I would feel or what might happen. In the beginning, that was challenging. Now I know that I am safe to allow the unfoldment of what wants to show up. I have learned to be more present and more embodied through this process. 

— Robyn, Teacher

From Heather...

Joanne and Dyrian facilitate a group field that feels potent & safe, where the senses, heart & soul can open. They facilitate together, creating two layers of support which feels very nurturing. Their approach to constellation work, grounded in somatic psychology, focuses on attentively tracking the client's & all participant's somatic responses during a constellation. This gives the client &representatives protection from an experience that could otherwise cause overwhelm or be difficult to digest.

Working in the Knowing Field with JoAnne & Dyrian, combined with the somatic awareness they emphasize, is a life changing experience.

- Heather,  Expressive Arts Therapist

From Cheryl...

I am an experienced constellation participant and the constellations  in this group, were some of the most powerful I have ever witnessed or represented for. The inclusion and acknowledgement of everyone in the room made it feel as though each person was an equal participant, whether as a witness, a representative or the person working. This is also due to Dyrian & JoAnne's acknowledgement of each step along the way. There was time to take it in fully. Hearing both of their voices alternately was reassuring & evidence of their combined compassion, years of professional experience & openness to spirit" 

I especially appreciated the pace of the facilitators, with enough time to take in and embody each concept. I liked the check-ins to see where we were at that given moment. It really helped me track and gauge my process. I also loved taking the time to call in the ancestors with stillness and the gong.

- Cheryl