Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the Relational Constellations Learning Program?

Our ongoing Relational Constellations Learning Program Weekends consist of three categories of participants.

First Category: Active Learning Program Participants

The larger portion of the group, is an ongoing group, these members commit to and pay for 6 weekends at a time, one month before their 6 months begin. These are Active Learning Program Participants. The group provides a holding environment for their ongoing personal process. The group's topics are primarily formed to meet the needs of these Active Ongoing Participants.

There are three subsets of Active Learning Program Participants

  • Most Learning Program Participants are in the group for their own personal growth.
  • Some participants in the Learning Program are in it to learn how to facilitate.
  • Others are already facilitators and they come to the group to expand their capacities as facilitators, to deepen their own facilitation skills, knowledge, presence, embodiment.

Second Category: Passive Learning Program Participants

These participants register for 6 months at a time, but can not pay the full fee ahead of time, so they have a different payment arrangement, to be discussed. These participants are in the process for their personal growth and not to learn to facilitate.

Third Category: Regular Workshop Participants

These participants are either drop-in participants, or new workshop participants. They are participating in the group for one weekend. They have been to our groups previously and want to drop in now and then for a weekend. Some participants register to do a constellation (generally need to register 1 month ahead). Most participants attend to be part of the learning experience that occurs in the Constellation Field.

When does the Learning Program begin?

The Learning program is an ongoing rotating program and participants can join at several different points in time.
It is most advantageous to start from the beginning of each training. The trauma training begins in Jan, 2016
But can be joined at any point, depending on the enrollment.

Why join the Learning Program?

Participants join the training for some of these reasons:

  1. To broaden their horizons
  2. To support their own embodiment
  3. To support their own personal process
  4. To acquire new resources to navigate life
  5. To address intimacy, love and belonging issues
  6. To learn about constellation concepts and facilitation
  7. To metabolize old trauma residue stored in the body & soul
  8. To reconnect with their life force and the aliveness of their soul
  9. To do soul retrieval work for parts of the self that have been cut off
  10. To explore and disentangle past ruptures that interrupt the flow of love
  11. To disentangle from any trans-generational issues that may be affecting their lives
  12. To have a holding environment and be in a supportive group for their own personal growth
  13. To experience stepping into representations and connecting with the immediacy of the moment of what wants to unfold
  14. To learn a new way of being that is tapped into deeper presence and in tune with the unfolding present moment experience
  15. To do any or all of the above in a safe holding environment/community.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the Learning Program?

Yes. When participants register and complete six weekends, they will receive a Certificate of Attendance for that portion of the Learning Program. They then can register for six more weekends.
When that is completed, they will receive a certificate for having completed a full 12 weekends (year of the program).
The Learning Program is a 2-year program. Some people stop then, some continue on for another year or two or even longer.
Most participants use the Learning Program to support their personal process and personal growth.

What is a phenomenological approach?

A scientific approach is the work of the mind.
A phenomenological approach is art. It engages the intuition in a moment-to-moment unfolding. Each piece of information or response from the system leads to the next inquiry or exploration. The facilitator does not seek a particular outcome; each movement is directed by the one that precedes it.
As every cell in a body contains information about the whole body, so a member of an organization or a family contains information at the deep level of consciousness about the system as a whole and its history.

Who attends the Learning Program?

People interested in being in a safe community while focussing on their personal healing journey of transformation. We have students from all walks of life, education, backgrounds, and spiritual beliefs.  For those in the healing and helping professions, the Learning Program offers another learning to incorporate into their work. Generally participants are drawn to our groups for a deep soul-level healing. The process is experiential and offered in a gentle, safe and supportive environment

If I miss days, do I still pay for them? 

Yes. The course fee is based on an entire course of learning and not upon individual days. On exception, If pre-arranged other arrangements may be possible.

What is your refund policy?

All payments are refunded if withdrawal is made before 45 days of the start of the Program.
Cancellations 7 days before the start date,  50% is refunded .
Cancellations 48 hours or less before the start date,  there is no refund.
Payments are non-transferable to others or to future dates.
Emergency cancellations are considered upon personal request by email.
In the case of any  refun

What if the Program is postponed or cancelled?

We reserve the right to postpone, cancel or change the program schedule in the event of unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances such as severe weather occurrences.  We will do everything possible to reschedule the program to accommodate everyone. We are not responsible for student’s travel, lodging or incidental expenses.

What’s the difference between the Learning Program & the Workshops?

Both the Learning Programs and the Workshops offer a healing modality to help evolve a person's consciousness in relation to their ancestral lineage.  The process assists your healing through three powerful modalities: Family Constellations, Somatic Psychology, Traumawork, & influenced by the psycho-spiritual Diamond Heart Approach.  It can be practiced in a group setting as well as in individual private practice.

What issues can I present at a Constellation Approach Seminar?

Any issue can be presented as everyone can benefit from the Constellation Approach regardless of their relationship with their family members or the degree to which they know their family history.

Can anyone attend a Weekend Workshop ?

Yes, it is open to the general public. 

Is this like family therapy and do I bring my whole family?

Constellation Work is not family therapy.  It is not necessary to bring your whole family; you may attend alone or can bring one or two family members who’ve registered, such as a parent, sibling or child.

Will I get to set up my constellation if I attend?

We cannot guarantee that all in attendance will have the opportunity to set up their constellation. There are only a limited number of constellations that can be done. We hold that those who attend the seminar will receive what they have come for, whether one does their own constellation, is chosen as a representative in another’s constellation, or observes numerous constellations throughout the seminar. The constellation process not only benefits client and family. Being a representative for someone else is an amazing gift in & of itself. This service to others enhances our capacity to see the world differently & to cultivate connection to the immediacy of the moment along with "the power of now". We usually set aside time each weekend, for participants to work in small groups, so every participant has a mini experience of a snapshot movement of the soul constellation.