JoAnne Chartrand and Dyrian Benz, Santa Barbara, CA

JoAnne Chartrand and Dyrian Benz, Santa Barbara, CA

Welcome to our Website about Family Constellation Work and Personal Process Sessions.

JoAnne Chartrand and
Dyrian Benz, PsyD. are
Somatic Psychology Educators,
with a specialty in Transpersonal Work,

Trauma and Family Constellations.

We are the creators of the Relational Constellations
approach, which is a blend of Somatic Psychology,
Family Constellation Methodology, Embodiment Practice, Attachment Trauma Work, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing,  Transpersonal Psychology & Psycho-Spiritual influence from the Diamond Heart Approach.

We focus on healing developmental, personal, systemic, ancestral, and bonding trauma. The aim is to disentangle trauma in the personality, to connect on a deeper level to our soul and help love to flow more freely.

The primary modality we use in our groups is Family Constellations. This amazing phenomenological process explores how deep forces in our personal lives, as well as our family systems, sometimes over multiple generations, can influence our thoughts, behaviors and emotional experiences. Tapping into a “knowing field” that surrounds each "family soul" allows, client & representatives to explore this living phenomenon. The client gains a unique perspective to make new choices or follow unforeseen pathways. Family Constellations occur with compassion, love and a movement towards balance. 

The constellation process not only benefits client and family. Being a representative for someone else is an  amazing gift in & of itself. This service to others enhances our capacity to see the world differently & to cultivate connection to the immediacy of the moment along with "the power of now".  The ongoing learning program is a personal healing journey of transformation, done in a conscious & safe community.

We are both Somatic Psychology Educators and have been doing process work with
individuals, groups and couples for over 35 years.

Upcoming Constellation Workshops & Trainings
in Santa Barbara, CA; in Hawaii & @ Esalen in Big Sur
Personal Process Groups in Safe Community in Santa Barbara


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