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Cultivate Right Action with Soulful Family Constellation work: Experience Personal Growth Process in Community; Heal Individual & Systemic Intimacy Wounds.

  • Santa Barbara, CA (map)

Awakening The Heart: True Will vs Imitation Will : 

Experience the full range of our potentiality of who we are especially in relation to the full potential of the heart center & belly center.  Explore the historical obscurations of the loss of true will.

This experiential workshop will help your heart to flourish.

The Wisdom of the heart is necessary for fulfilling relationships throughout life. When the flow of love and acceptance is interrupted in life, the soul suffers.

With Relational Constellations, we uncover the disruptions and entanglements in the heart, so that we can find strength, dignity, love, creativity, and a sense of belonging. Love and appreciation are the guiding principles used for finding good resolutions. Profound healing of heart, body, and soul are often the result.

When we bring love and respect to ourselves and our family, then love can become a healing agent in all aspects of our lives. We also explore personal issues related to illness, split-off parts of the self, growth, expansion, and creativity.

Find ways to get unstuck. Join us being together with our creative life force and living more consciously. Honor the past, cultivate more presence, and build the future. A relational constellation is a deeply educational and creative process that nurtures your heart, soul, and creative life force. This is a way to further your personal process & do it in community.

Recommended reading: The Delight of Love and Belonging by Dyrian Benz and JoAnne Chartrand.

We ask all participants to be scent-free.