Our approach is inspired by the
Diamond Heart Approach,
A Psycho-spiritual Process.

Relational Aspects & Object Relations Theory

The laying on of the foundations - learning to be aware, to be present, learning to observe in an impartial way, learning to be able to be with one's experience, learning to be able to observe the three dimensions (physical, mental and emotional) without having to completely identify with them.

It's the beginning of the knowledge of the personality and the ego. It's about beginning to observe the various phenomena that reflect our disconnection from the various subtle elements. This level provides the foundation in the theory and practices of the Diamond Approach. This includes the perspective of the nature of spiritual realization and the methods used in this work. Specific topics include the enneagram of the personality, psychological processes and patterns, the "theory of holes" and the inner critic.

Supported by meditations and other spiritual practices, personal tools are developed such as inquiry, self-remembering and defending against the inner critic.   

The Maturation of the Soul and Psychodynamics

This stage focuses more on our consciousness itself of the soul - what its characteristics are. Here we learn when it is only on the ego level - when it is only patterned and structured by the three dimensions and through this and what are the possibilities for it. We begin to see some of the manifestations of our experience of the soul that usually appear in a distorted way. By learning to see through the distortion we begin to see the underlying dynamic that expresses the soul.

The focus is on recognizing, experiencing and freeing the living presence that is the Soul, the individual consciousness that undergoes essential development. continued work with the inner critic and enneagram allows increased capacity for inner space, energy and freedom to continue the journey.

Essential Qualities: Elements of Subtle Consciousness

Here we work with the Lataif. These are the first five basic subtle elements, that happen to correspond with five centers that form the sign of the cross in the body. (Peace, Compassion, Will, Strength, Joy). So these are the first 5 basic elements that we work with by looking at the situation in our life that shows their absence and working through that. We also use music meditations, various exercises and kinds of practices to connect directly with the subtle elements.

Connecting with these five elements will begin the entry into this 4th dimension. This begins the impact of that 4th dimension on our ongoing experience. Then we go onto two other stages that have to do with more fundamental elements.

The emphasis is on the subtle centers known as lataif, releasing specific barriers to the aspects of Compassion, Strength, Will, Love, Peace and Space. The precise methods of the Diamond Approach are used to open the Soul and its inner Essence.

Reconnecting to Our Essential Aspects 

This begins the work on the more fundamental elements that got constrained in us or got disconnected in us specifically through our history with our mother and father. There is one stage where we deal with a group of qualities, essential aspects that got limited in us because of our relationship with our father and then another group of essential elements that got constrained in us through our history with the other parent, the mother.  This continues the process of unveiling.

New aspects of Essence are revealed as the process deepens. The work is on the aspects of Being associated with mother, such as Personal Love, Merging, Nourishment& Universal Love. This leads to the Basic Trust that is needed for loosening the identity from ego.

Essential realization goes deeper, exploring aspects of Being commonly associated with father, such as Essential Intelligence, Universal Will, Impeccability, and Existence.

Relational Dynamics

This has to do with recognizing who and what we are including the 4th dimension. What is it that is me as a human being and including the 4th dimension. This is the process of maturation and the process of development of the true human individuality, of how I become a true person, a person who lives in the world but whose back is the 4th dimension.

Like when I am looking at myself, I see 3 dimensions, but it is the 4th dimension that is looking. Awareness comes from the 4th dimension. When you are aware of the 4th dimension and you can be that, that what looks, that what lives. But this 4th dimension needs the envelope of the 3 dimensions to appear in this world and be able to function, talk and do all the things that human beings do.

However to be able to recognize this deeper dimension not only as a dimension, but as the dimension of depth. In it we recognize our true nature. Where we recognize our true identity is the work of the next stage, the stage of self realization. Work at this level concentrates on the development of the Soul to the point of essential individuation, the realization of the Personal Essence. Real    autonomy, personal contact and integration of one's external life with one's inner development are explored and developed.

True Nature and the Essential Self: Moving More Deeply into Spiritual Autonomy

The stage of self realization. To really do that work and to fulfill it, is to recognize that my insides, who I am, my insides, my presence, my very identity is that dimension of awareness.

So then I am self realized. It is the self realization through nature which is the other side of the development, which is the personal maturation of bringing that inner realization into the world.

This level approaches the tendency to identify with our ego self, even when we know our true nature. Both psychodynamic and existential barriers are examined in depth, making possible the transition from ego identity to identity with Being, and opening to the boundless dimensions of Being.