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Explore Family Constellation Dynamics Integrated with Embodiment, Trauma Resolution & Increasing Resiliency in the Soul

Love and Belonging:  Explore Family Constellation Dynamics Integrated with Embodiment, Trauma Resolution & Increasing Resiliency in the Soul

The Power of Presence & Nervous System Regulation to Navigate Trauma

Sometimes your heart slips into hiding, and you can disconnect from the empowerment and well-being that comes from living “heartfully.” What happened to this radiance and wholeness you were born with? The heart often holds memories of ruptures and emotional wounds that go back several generations. This interrupts our reaching-out movement, our capacity for true intimacy and heartful relationships.

With Relational Constellations, we uncover the disruptions and entanglements so that we can find strength, dignity, love, creativity, and a sense of belonging. Constellations are a reconciling and a peace-making activity for your life and your relationships. We access a part of the soul that provides us with insight and can activate a profound inner transformation. In the moment when the soul is touched and love can flow more freely, deeply satisfying relationships can occur in your life. Constellations allow for the exploration of personal issues related to illness, split-off parts of the self, growth, expansion, and creativity; profound healing of heart, body, and soul are often the result.

Come reclaim your lost living heart and reconnect to a more authentic part of your soul and to your deepest heart’s desires!

Recommended Reading:
The Delight of Love and Belonging by Dyrian Benz and JoAnne Chartrand

We request that participants do not wear scents, essential oils, nor scented creams.

Family Constellation Workshop
Clearing Love Trauma Supports new connections: Connection to Ourselves, to our Body, to our own Heart & Soul, to our Family Soul,  to Embodied Presence, to our surroundings & to the Universe.
What You will Learn:

Cultivating Presence
Develop more Resiliency
Connecting with Ancestors
Tools to Heal Relationships
Accessing Resourcing Skills
Resolve & Metabolize Trauma
Finding your place in the World
Release Trans-Generational Issues
Deepening Embodiment Practices
Understand The Impact of Trauma
Increase Your Window of Tolerance
Experiential & Collaborative Learning
Personal Development Process Work
Reconnect to Internal Family Systems
Be part of a like-minded Community
Develop a deeper Connection with Soul
Learn to access the Body as Home Base
Access Essential Qualities as Resources
Access the Power Of Being Fully Present
Practice Facilitation Skills, after 6 months
Self-Regulation & Co-Regulation Practices

Orientation For the Relational Constellations Retreat:
We will explore where our love patterns get interrupted, in relation to our ancestors, our ego, our familial relationships, intimacy, our body & soul.

• Ancestors – We will look at systemic & trans-generational patterns we inherit from our families and entanglements with past events, which may have major influences on our current relationships.
• Personality/Ego – We will explore our personal history, ego, developmental issues and personal traumas, that limit us in life.
• Relational and Interpersonal – We will explore our ways of being in the world, along with our entanglements in relation to self and others, parents, partners and life relationships.
• Somatic & Embodiment – We will include awareness of landing home in our bodies, self-regulation, nervous system activation, the body as the gateway to the informing field.
• Transpersonal – We will deepen our connection to our essence, our soul, and to the sacred

For more information about this approach, go to Trauma Training.

The following pages on this website will also inform you of the theoretical concepts included in the training: Learning ProgramRelational ConstellationsSE Trauma WorkSomatic Psychology, and Sacred SoulWork


For questions related to this workshop, we prefer you to contact us by email email us or call 805-563-0558