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New: Love Trauma & Relational Constellations Learning Program Starting in Santa Barbara, California Sept 15-16.

  • The Family Therapy Institute 111 East Arrellaga Street Santa Barbara, CA, 93101 United States (map)

The NEW Relational Constellation Learning Program

Love Trauma & Relational Constellations Learning Program Starting in Santa Barbara, California Sept 15-16. With open weekends For Workshop Participants

Pre-requisite required: Join the July 21-22 or Aug 18-19 weekend

The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity to learn the theoretical and practical foundations of this approach in an experiential & embodied way

Learning Program Participants Register for 6 months at a time, for this 2 year training.
Drop-in Workshop Participants are welcomed to join in periodically.

Taught by: Dr. Dyrian Benz-Chartrand & JoAnna Chartrand-Benz SEP

 2018 Dates: July 21-22, Aug 18-19, Sept 15-16, Oct 13-14, Nov 10-11, Dec 8-9
Ongoing Monthly Family Constellation Groups That can be utilized for your own personal growth process or used to learn to facilitate Family Constellations.

We integrate the following approaches in our constellation groups:

Attachment Theory, Somatic Psychology,
Internal Family Systems (IFS), 
Somatic Experiencing Trauma Work (SE),
Influences from Diamond Heart Approach.
Soul Retrieval, Psycho-Spirituality,
Psycho-Dynamics, Neuroscience, 
Cultivating Presence & Embodied Soul Work

This training is for anyone who wants to heal intimacy & relational ruptures,  allow love to flow more & shift from surviving to thriving. Join us for this embodied journey to: 
Heal the Past, Embrace the Present & Create the Future

Constellation Learning Topics:

• The Orders of Love

• The “Knowing Field”

• Language of the Soul

• How to Find Solutions

•  Training in Perception

• Interrupted Intimacy Issues

•  The Movements of the Soul

• Accepting Things as They Are 

• Trauma & Constellation Work

•  Attachment Theory & Ruptures

• Fate - Dealing with Greater Forces

•  Family Conscience & Family Soul

• True Autonomy & False Autonomy

•  The Interrupted Merging Movement

•The Art of Helping Constellation Style 

•  The Interrupted Reaching Out Movement 

•  The Interrupted Differentiating Movement

• Colored Fields & Constellations with Individuals

Invitation to Join the Program at any Date

The Learning Program begins in Aug, Members of the Learning Program can sometimes begin at other weekends. Workshop participants are invited to drop-in. Certificates are given only to ongoing members who register for 6 mo. Learning program participants receive top priority & program is geared towards them. Fee is $400 per weekend.

About The Trainers:

Dyrian Benz PsyD, is a Somatic Psychology Educator, consultant & trainer with over 40 years of experience. 

JoAnna is a European trained- Somatic Psychology Educator & Somatic Experiencing Trauma Practitioner in private practice since 1980

They have both been Teaching Family Constellation work for 20 years & have been in the Psycho-Spiritual, Diamond Heart Approach for over 25 yrs.

They have written 2 Relational Constellations Books:
“The Delight of Love & Belonging” &
“Heal Your Love Trauma”

CEUs are available for LMFT’s, LCSW’s, LPCC’s, LEP’s & RNs

For info & registration contact:

JoAnna by Email at:
Phone: 805-563-0558

The heart often holds memories of ruptures and emotional wounds that go back several generations. This interrupts our reaching-out movement, our capacity for true intimacy and heartful relationships. Uncover disruptions and entanglements so that all parts of the self and all members of your family can find their own strength, dignity, love, and purpose. Reclaim your lost living heart. Reconnect to a more authentic part of your soul and to your deepest heart's desires.

Love is the guiding principle used for finding a resolution. Profound healing of emotional problems, family conflicts, and physical illnesses often result. We give attention to interpersonal or systemic issues like entangled love, false autonomy, and spiritual issues in general. We will use a deeply educational and creative process that nurtures your heart, soul, and creative life force, called Relational Constellations. We will access a part of the soul that provides us with insight and can activate a profound inner transformation

Constellations are a reconciling and a peace-making activity for your life and your relationships. In the moment when the soul is touched and love can flow more freely, deeply satisfying relationships can occur in your life. We ask all participants to be scent-free.

Recommended reading: The Delight of Love and Belonging by Dyrian Benz and JoAnne Chartrand.